About Jobs Support

Starting out on a new career is always daunting. Doing so in a foreign country is potentially terrifying! So it’s not surprising that many course providers offer assistance in getting settled, sorting out visas, and, most importantly, finding that all-important first teaching job.

This help generally involves CV/resume preparation, sending out applcations, putting you in touch with contacts in the desired location, and fowarding TEFL job ads that meet your requirements.

Some course providers offer guaranteed job placement. This can be very reassuring, but keep in mind that, in nearly all teaching contexts (or indeed industries), there are jobs available; the real issue is to find a job that pays reasoanbly and offers acceptable conditions. For this reason, many TEFL course providers avoid offering promises (if you are very demanding, it might take a while to find work); don’t take this as a sign that they offer less support. As always, approach all claims with your eyes wide open, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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